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Last Date: 16 10 2016

Removing the mystery to this popular cuisine

pizza-pastaPizza and pasta are both comfort foods that many of us enjoy. However, what is presented to us on supermarket shelves and some high street establishments are versions which have an identity of their own, which of course has its place and the benefit of convenience

Those who have been to Italy have no doubt experienced real mozzarella and the unique difference in flavours, textures in the other ingredients often combined with both these foods. The combination of essential techniques and fundamental ingredients is what makes the flavours so important including the most simplistic component yet the one so often overlooked; water ! 

On this creative workshop, we unfold the essentials and secrets of fresh pasta making as well as a variety of flat (including pizza style) breads. Once you have mastered the structure of making the correct dough, it opens boundless options, possibilities and variations. 

We aim to push the boundaries further; traditional breads are baked, pasta is boiled and both are commonly served with complemeting savoury flavours. However, we unveil creative yet authentic advanced concepts that will astound family and friends including an original and early method of pasta making using a chitarra; pasta guitar! The recipes and techniques can be applied and adapted to enjoy as part of a weekend gourmet experience or put together mid week when time is restricted. 

To complement the above, we also spend time to create anti pesto's, sauces and side dishes to make a complete meal. A workshop well investing in if you are passionate about real pizza and pasta.

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